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Alpacas are ancient treasures. Their fleece was known as the “The Fiber of the Gods” to members of the Incan civilization in their South American ancestral home. Attempting to decipher the wealth of information regarding alpaca ownership can be overwhelming. Click on the links below for simple one-page flyers to help you learn about Suri alpacas or get information on educational seminars. We’ll keep adding, so be sure to check back often!

Goldyn Rae Alpacas - 2017 Herdsire Breedings
Golden Rae Alpaca Products at Golden, CO Farm Store
National Alpaca Farm Days 2015
Goldyn Rae Alpacas - 2015 Herdsire Breedings
Alpaca Academy Shearing Flyer - May 2015 (Shearing Open House)
Alpaca Academy Flyer - January 2015
Goldyn Rae Alpacas - 2014 Herdsire Breedings 2
Goldyn Rae Alpacas - 2014 Herdsire Breedings
Ideal Suri Seminar - June 2014
Alpaca Academy Flyer - May 2014 (Shearing Open House)
Alpaca Academy Flyer - March 2014
Open Barn Flyer - February 2014
Ideal Suri Seminar - February 2014
Alpaca Academy Flyer - January 2014
Goldyn Rae Alpacas - Ideal Suri Seminar
Goldyn Rae Knowledge Center - The Suri Alpaca
Goldyn Rae Knowledge Center - Showing Alpacas
Goldyn Rae Knowledge Center - Suri Alpaca Type


Updated March 07, 2019